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Congratulations, you’ve reached the home of AirconDenia, your local air-conditioning company guaranteed to help you keep your cool in Summer. We specialize in in all aspects of aircon: installation, maintenance and repairs both for domestic and business environments. We cover Denia and the surrounding areas including the whole of Denia, Els Poblets, Ondara, La Xara, El Vergel and Pedreguer. We install aircon systems that provide heating as well as cooling, keeping you comfortable throughout the year, whether its a blazing 30º or a freezing 5º.

Many people fall into the trap of being seduced by good looking units, and getting it fitted by ‘a friend’. This is not a good idea. At AirCon Denia we carry out a quick, but detailed assessment of what's needed. We look at room volume, airflow, ideal positioning, windows, doors, adjacent rooms and a whole lot more. Then, and only then, are we able to recommend the solution that's right for you. There will be several units to choose from and yes, what you’re willing to pay will be a factor in what you choose.

Whatever you choose, you can be assured that AirCon Denia will fit a system that works, i.e. Gives you a working system that will keep your room or office space at your desired temperature, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Air conditioning is actually a very good solution for winter warming. Our winters are getting colder and a single aircon unit is perfectly capable keeping an apartment at the right temperature all year round. In fact we come across many situations we here that’s all that’s needed.


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We work with all the leading manufacturers

Aircon Denia is fully qualified and trained to install systems from a range of leading manufacturers including: Johnson, Toshiba, Hisense, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Gree, Toshiba and Fujitsu. All systems come with a manufacturer’s guarantee, along with our own workmanship warranty.

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Where We Cover

We choose to be local so that we can be responsive to customer needs, be it a quotation or a repair. You need a local company that can be there - often same day - should something go wrong.  As our name implies, we are a Denia based company and cover the town, surrounding urbanizations and out to Ondarra, Pedreguer, La Xara, El Vergel and Els Poblets. By keeping things local, we’ve earned a reputation for a level of customer service others can only dream about.


Why Choose Aircon Denia?

AirconDenia is part of the K&M group of companies. K&M is a family run, British firm based in Calpe. With nearly 40 years experience, 20 in Spain, K&M is a an established leader in all things air conditioning. Aircon Denia is fully legal and fully insured. We pay our taxes and social security and ensure that in the unlikely event of a breakage at a customer location, our insurance covers all eventualities.

Qualified Aircon Engineers
K&M has insisted on the highest qualifications and training levels. Aircon Denia's staff are all trained and qualified to the same exacting standards, and are fully up to date with the latest in technology and solutions.

We speak English, we speak Spanish. We need to converse with our customers in English, but equally we need to converse with our Spanish suppliers in Spanish. We hate misunderstandings and surprises as much as you do so being multi-lingual is not only very important, but necessary to ensure everything goes smoothly.

About Aircon Denia

We’re backed up by K&M Electrodomesticos of Calpe. In short, we have over 40 years of experience and knowledge, access to the largest range of systems and technical expertise, we are fully qualified, fully legal and insured, and we care about our customers. We are fully trained and therefore have the capability to ensure our customers are kept cool and happy all year round.


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EcoSense - Keeping Costs Under Control

We won’t beat around the proverbial bush, running air conditioning costs money. Yet we are amazed that so many people run their systems in a way that wastes money with no incremental benefit. One way to keep costs down is to regularly maintain your air conditioning system. At Aircon Denia, we offer a maintenance package which will keep your aircon unit in good working order and extend the life of your unit.

However, the biggest money waster we see is people leaving their air conditioners on all the time. This is especially true if you rent your property. Holiday makers - especially from the UK - simply don’t know how to use air conditioning systems properly and set them at the lowest temperature and run them 24 hours a day. At Aircon Denia, we have a solution and it’s called ECOSENSE.

Ecosense is a low cost add-on that constantly senses for movement in the room. If you go out, there’s the unit scan sense the lack of movement and automatically turn your aircon off. Holiday renters often think that the coin slot system was a good way to get round this, but they are unreliable and easy to hack.

EcoSense Denia

Through K&M we are the main agent for Ecosense. If it makes as much (Eco)sense to you as it does to us, then let us know and we’ll fit it to your existing system in no time at all.


Top Tips for Perfect Aircon

  • Don't set the temperature at the lowest setting. Instead select the temperature you want to achieve. Somewhere between 22º and 25º will suit most people. You'll feel just as cool whilst not putting undue strain on the system.
  • All aircon systems produce water as a by-product. So do not throw it down the sink - use it. Watering your plants is an obvious use, but did you know this water is actually distilled so ideal for using in your steam iron!
  • Do your own simple maintenance by cleaning the filters regularly. You'll be surprised just how more effective your air conditioning will work.
  • Sign up to a service plan. At we offer annual service plans where we come along - usually in springtime - and check everything is working and if required, top up the gas.

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